Friday, 24 October 2014


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A Picture Heavy Update for Fall

I feel bad for pretty much neglecting this blog but because so many of my sewing projects right now are alternative, Bien Aimée is getting all the attention. I do have some vintage sewing projects planned for the future, in particular I'd like to finish the blouse top that I wanted to do back in August. I also want something special for Christmas as this is me and my fiancé's first Christmas while living together and I want it to be special. So there are vintage things to look forward to. I'm also going to do a vintage Halloween post next week for Halloween. If you're a Halloween fanatic like me (if you aren't already following Bien-Aimée) I have a series called Frightful Fridays that you might want to check out. I even included a simple pirate costume tutorial!

As for vintage finds, I didn't think this was worth posting an entire Thirft Store Score post for, but I purchased two brightly coloured petticoats for five dollars each! That's a real score. The pink one is photographed in the main photo for this post. I normally don't like petticoats sticking out from underneath dresses, but in this case it looks HOT! The other petticoat is a very light cyan blue.

So just to give a simple update, I've been enjoying the fall weather. My fiancé and I went on vacation on Thanksgiving weekend and I loved it. The foliage was beautiful. I don't have the pictures from my vacation with me but I do have some pictures we took on our walk the other day. So if you're wondering what's going on in sunny Southern Ontario, this is what it looks like.

I really hope I can one day get a DSLR because the camera on my phone has this obnoxious tendency to over-saturate the crap out of things! I'm proficient in Photoshop now and I still can't save these pictures from being super saturated. It doesn't seem to know what green is... or blue. It can be really frustrating. None the less, the foliage here is gorgeous! You can click the images to enlarge them.

Other than that, I love my job and I'm still seeking additional employment. I'm told my hours will pick up for the holiday season, which is exciting news. I've also had time to relax and enjoy being with my fiancé, which has been a blessing. I went fishing and caught one bass and one sunfish. I haven't done much crafting but really hope to get into that soon. I missed the boat on Halloween crafting but I think I'll start the Christmas projects as soon as November hits.

I hope you're all having a lovely fall! What have you been up to?

Happy Sewing ♥

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New Patterns!

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Butterick 7763 - 1956 Misses' Playskirt, Shorts and Tops

My Prize Selections!

As I mentioned in a previous post I was the recipient of the first place prize lot in The Vintage Contest from Pattern Review. The prize was hosted by So Vintage Patterns. Their selection is quite immense, so I had a lot to look at. Happily I settled for a dress pattern, a playsuit pattern (pictured above) and a petticoat pattern. They're all super cute and I'm so happy to have received them today!!

I have to say that the packaging was perfect for this delivery. I'm also very impressed by the condition, it looks as though these patterns have never been opened! They're immaculate. I'm very excited to get started on the playsuit, it's perfect for summer. 

Simplicity 3251 - Misses' One Piece Dress 1950

Advance 6468 - 1953 Misses' Skirt 

Thank you So Vintage Patterns and thank you Pattern Review members! I'm excited to add these treasures to my collection and to sew more beautiful clothing. 

Happy Sewing! ♥

Thrift Store Score No. 5

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Weekend Shopping Adventures!

This last weekend was crazy busy. It was my mother's birthday and she wanted my fiance and I to come for a visit. My parents have a vacation trailer a little ways up north, it's at least an hour drive. I thought maybe we'd make a day trip out of it and do some shopping on our way up. We stopped by a small town and checked out a little shop packed full of antiques and used goods. I didn't find too much of what I'm looking for. Sure there were tons of notions but none in any colour I would use. There was also a lot of cross stitch and knitting material. I did manage to find a few little goodies!

Out of the notions I managed to find some cherry red single fold tape, and burgandy, cream and white seam binding lace. I also found white, gray (looks beige) and burgandy metal zippers for skirts and dresses. These are in great condition! There were tons of 70's patterns but not much from before that. I did find these two lovely patterns from the 60's. I like the dress in the Butterick pattern and I think the McCall's nightgown could potentially be redrafted into a coat. : )

I never used to look for books but after finding some vintage 1930's women's magazines, I realized I wanted more! There wasn't anything that old at this store, however, there was a Woman's Weekly magazine from October 1959. I also found a lovely booklet about fitting coats and suits from the early 1950's. I figure I'll be making a 50's tailored suit jacket one day, why not learn to do it the way they used to? As you can see, I also found this cute little booklet about crafting. It teaches tatting, crochet, embroidery, cross stitch and knitting. It even has a few little patterns! It's super cute and from the 1950's.

Not pictured is the roller foot I picked up for my Kenmore. It's great for leather, vinyl, suede and chiffon. Apparently it's a good substitute for a walking foot (something I've been wanting for awhile but can't afford right now). Ironically my mother just bought a Brother quilting machine super cheap from Walmart and it comes with a walking foot! Hopefully it will be compatible with my machine, otherwise I'll be visiting her house often lol. 

In total I spent $16! I think that's a good deal. : ) Have you been bargain hunting this summer?

Happy Sewing! ♥

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Good News!

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First Place in The Vintage Contest

Some of you may be aware that I won first place in Pattern Review's "The Vintage Contest". I'm very happy about this and I'm thankful for all the lovely comments I've received on my gown. You might be wondering why I haven't reviewed this dress on this blog yet... I want to save it for when my dress actually fits me. Sadly, I gained weight during this project and the dress doesn't fit around the waist. I'm either going to have to wait until I can wear it or I'll have to sew a new bodice. Either way it will be awhile before you see my full and in depth review because I have our foster cat living in my sewing room. I want him to be nice and comfortable with the rest of the house before I move him to another room. With my sewing room off limits I've taken up making crafts again and I'm hoping to open an Etsy shop soon.

I do want to sew very badly and I feel that in another week or two that will be possible again. I'll be going on a short vacation soon, which I'm really looking forward to. I just need fresh air and a change of scenery. I also hope to get inspired while I'm out, because I've been running low on new ideas for my art. It'll be nice to go on nature hikes, go fishing and get back in touch with my family.

I do have many plans for upcoming sewing projects. Of course after winning the contest I received a gift certificate for patterns. I chose three in total. I purchased a 1950's playsuit pattern, gown pattern, and a petticoat pattern. I ended up spending a little over my gift certificate amount, which I sort of regret but I realize it would have cost me the same to buy it off of Etsy what with shipping and all that. I couldn't pass up on the vintage petticoat pattern, it's something you would think I already have in my collection but I actually don't! I have a petticoat pattern from the 80's and it just isn't the same. So I'm looking forward to these patterns, they're really cool. Unfortunately I forgot to save the images before I ordered them, so now I can't show you what I ordered, but in time you'll see!

I'd like to give a special thank you to all who voted for me and thanks to So Vintage Patterns for supplying the prize. : )

Happy Sewing!